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« Air Duct Cleaning «

Residential and Commercial

The reason for cleaning your air duct system is CLEAR! Dust and dirt continually accumulate on the inside surfaces of your ductwork. This environment provides the nutrients for molds, bacteria, allergens, and fungi to reproduce and grow. There are many other sources of indoor air pollution like pet dander, combustion sources, tobacco products, household cleaning products. Every time your system's fan goes on it forces this contaminated mixture into the air you breathe. Your indoor air quality is a major concern. In addition to cleaning the air you breathe, the buildup of household dust on furniture and on other contents is dramatically reduced. Clean ducts also increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, cutting utility costs and potential system breakdowns. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that air inside your home can be up to 70 times more polluted than the outdoor environment. The EPA and American Medical Association agree that poor indoor air quality is a serious health hazard. Some illnesses related to poor indoor air quality include:

  • headaches
  • respiratory problems
  • asthma symptoms
  • bronchitis
  • sinus irritation
  • dizziness
  • eye irritation
  • fatigue
Our company has relieved numerous air duct problems in buildings of all types, ages and settings both residentially and commercially. We specialize in "source removal" by utilizing high powered vacuum systems and high pressured air to dislodge contaminants and remove them from air ducts. We can also solve indoor air pollution problems caused by the fire damage. Call Expert at 973-209-1102 and we will come to your home or business to perform a system inspection and give you a free estimate. Most importantly you will breathe a cleaner air!

Reasons to choose Expert for you air duct cleaning:

  • highly trained and experienced technicians
  • committed to provide an excellent service
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • utilizing high-tech equipment designed for the air duct cleaning industry that works safely on any size or type of air duct: rigid, flex, metal, or vinyl
  • source removal specialists
  • fully insured

« Dryer Vent Cleaning «

Residential and commercial clothes dryers require a duct system to expel the hot air, moisture and gasses from the dryer to the exterior of the building. These ducts, over time get clogged with the regular lint buildup, and often times get blocked by animal nests. All that increases the risk of FIRE, extends the drying time, lowers the efficiency and run time of the dryer. Poor dryer performance can also be caused by improperly installed duct system or having too many turns. To maintain a satisfactory and safe performance all dryers should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that 14,000 clothes dryer fires occures each year. These fires occur when lint builds up in the filter or in the exhaust duct. Most dryer manufactures recommend that residential dryer ducts should be cleaned at least once a year.

We at Expert specialize in removing lint buildup, dirt, molds, articles of clothing, and birds nests from dryer vents and exhaust hoods in condos, apartments and homes. Whenever neccessary, we replace an existing faulty dryer vent with a new efficiently working duct system. Let Expert $ave you $$$ on electric bills.

« Other «

Expert also offers other services in addition to air duct and dryer vent cleaning:

  • Hand/power washing of all types of siding
  • Hand/power washing and sealing of wooden decks
  • Interior and exterior painting
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